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March 7th, 2010

ex_michiru124: (Default)
Sunday, March 7th, 2010 12:36 am
LJ has finally gone too far. I've put up with them in some ways until now, but they've now sunk so low that nothing can redeem them, even fixing the latest fiasco.

LJ is now breaking their own privacy policy.

There's a HIDDEN javascript that redirects every link to one of about 150 e-commerce sites. A lot of the times the links no longer work, and you could end up on ebay, instead of another site they're trying to go to.

And LJ makes money on EVERY CLICK, while messing up your privacy.

In the end they're greedy bastards that will take you for every cent they can eke out of you.

You can opt out of this if you're ok using the admin console. Of course, if you're not logged into LJ, they manage to screw you over anyway.

More info, and even more info. Read this stuff, it's truly important you know what they're doing. Basically, they're stealing.

It's blippin scary what they're doing to their users. I refuse to pay LJ one cent if I can help it.

I'm on Dreamwidth, who are the most awesomest journaling site ever, and still on IJ.
*crossposting to other journal sites
----OpenID accounts may have 6
----Free accounts may have 15
----Paid accounts may have 100
----Premium Paid and Seed Accounts may have 250
*the ability to import your journal in full, including comments, from other blogs
*Google Analytics integration
*"Sticky entry" module: you can specify the URL of a single entry to 'pin' to the top of your journal/community so that it will always be the first entry displayed, without having to backdate or change the date of the entry.
*Full text search of your individual journal for paid accounts.
*Email posting
*They believe in creativity, including adult content (which you do need to protect)
*You can change the privacy of ALL your posts in less than 5 minutes, and it'll fix your crossposted entries as well!!!
*No ads!
*They RESPECT their users!!!!!
So many other things! Check out their WIKI!!!

I have codes if you need one.

This is my last post on LJ.