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Monday, March 21st, 2005 02:24 am
title: Footwork
author:  [ profile] rogueleopard
pairing: Eiji/Oishi
rating: PG
warnings: boylove, general fluff
wordcount: 1,152
a/n: First thing I've written in a couple YEARS.
crossposted to [ profile] golden_pair

Hai -- yes
Okaasan -- mother
Hoi/Nya – nonsensical words Eiji uses that mean nothing.
San/kun/chan – honourific suffixes. San is generally for everyone unless you know them well.  Kun is basically used for young boys or people that aren't your equal, and chan for girls, good friends, or ‘objects’ like stuffed animals, or, in this case, fish. Eiji doesn't use a suffix for Oishi, denoting intimacy. Oishi not only doesn't use a suffix for Eiji, but uses his first name ^_^ which is quite intimate. Finally saw episode 162, which has the reason why Oishi calls him 'Eiji'.
Tachi – pluralization suffix; fish is one fish, fish-tachi is more than one fish
Arigatou – Thank you
Mengo – a silly way Eiji says sorry. Gomen backwards.
Owari – end

        “Syuichiroh, the door is for you,” Oishi heard his mother call.
        “Hai, Okaasan, coming,” he shouted back, putting his mug carefully onto a coaster.  He smiled over at his fish, mentally promising to be back  soon.
        Heading downstairs, he could hear the light banter of his mother and Eiji.  So, coming around the corner into the foyer, he was unsurprised to see his cheerful doubles partner, chattering away.
        “Eiji,” he smiled, feeling that small burst of happiness he always felt when confronted by the red-head.
        “Hoi! Oishi! I gotta talk to you!” Eiji bounded to him in two bounces.
        “I’ll leave the two of you alone. Do you want to stay for supper, Eiji-kun?” Oishi’s mother asked.
        “That would be great, Oishi-san!” Eiji smiled brightly.
        “Good, good. I’ll call your mother and tell her,” she waved, going back into the kitchen.
        “Your mom is a great cook,” Eiji grinned brightly at Oishi.  His face changed to a more panicked look almost instantly. “Oiiishiii~ you have to help me!”
        Used to his partner’s mercurial moods, Oishi smiled comfortingly. “Of course, Eiji. You know I’m always here to help you.”
        Eiji grabbed Oishi’s hand and pulled him upstairs.  Oishi could barely keep up with him, and finally sighed in relief as they went into the bedroom.
        “Hoi hoi, fishy-chan-tachi!” Eiji put his face right up to the tank.
        “Eiji?” Oishi asked tentatively, closing the door.
        “Ah! Right. Oishi, you have to help me: I’m at my wit’s end!” Eiji’s eyes were huge, pout pronounced.
        “Ah?” Oishi tipped his head to the side, smiling.
        “I have a date tomorrow! I need to learn to dance!” Eiji threw his arms in the air.
        Oishi’s smile slipped.  A date?  Eiji?  A funny feeling sunk into his stomach, reminding him of when he was seven, and ate too much junk food at the fairgrounds.
        “I can’t believe I don’t know how to dance! I’d never tell my sisters; they’d laugh at me, nya! And my brothers… we won’t even GET into how they’d react!” Eiji paced the room, punctuating his words with various dramatic gestures.
        “I… see,” Oishi said, with as straight a face as possible. Eiji going on a date. With someone other than… him.
        “Ho~iii! I mean, like anyone, I can throw myself around to any fast song, but… I can’t waltz, Oishi!! You have to help me!!!” Eiji grabbed Oishi’s arm, and looked up at him pathetically.
        “Of- of course I’ll help you,” Oishi said, hoping his smile didn’t look as sickly as he felt.
        “Arigatou!” Eiji said ecstatically, hugging him.
        “So, a waltz,” Oishi nodded. “We’ll have to start with slow music.” Walking over to his CD player, he found a CD with some of the softer music he enjoyed in the evening when he was unwinding.
        Slipping it into the machine, he chose a gentle, romantic-sounding piece that would be appropriate for learning.
        “Alright. This is good.”
        “Hmmm. Pretty,” Eiji agreed, nodding.
        “So, let’s start. Come here,” Oishi gestured to the middle of the room.
        Eiji skipped over, and came to a dead stop in front of Oishi.
        “Ok, now-“ Oishi started to say, then Eiji glomped him. “Eiji! EIJI! Not so close! You don’t need to be so close!” Oishi tried not to laugh at his partner’s antics.  It also sent the butterflies fluttering though his stomach.  The little knot of anxiety in his chest that being so close to the pretty boy always seemed to cause these days, got bigger, as well.
        “Hoi? Oh! Mengo, Oishi!” Eiji took a step back, looking sheepish.
        “Now, take my hand here, and you put your other hand around my waist, like I’m doing to you. Yes, that’s right,” he nodded, and smiled encouragingly. “Your partner will put her hand on your shoulder. Now, follow my steps. You can look down to watch.”
        He started to show Eiji the proper steps for a standard waltz, not being able to help smiling.  Having a dance like this was a dream come true for Oishi. He had only recently recognized the feelings that had been building for Eiji.  Any moment of closeness was treasured by Oishi, and he would never dream that the excitable Eiji would ever feel anything like that for the more boring Oishi.
        “You’re catching on,” he encouraged him, not surprised. Eiji was good at footwork. Tennis was a good base-work for dancing, despite the difference in steps.
        More confident, Eiji looked up at Oishi, and smiled softly. “Thank you, Oishi. I can always count on you.”
        “You know it. We’re the Golden Pair. I’ll support you, on or off the court,” Oishi smiled back. He felt the moment lengthen, and thought  he was imagining the building tension, until Eiji pushed up on his toes enough to kiss the taller boy.
        He blinked for a moment, before surrendering to the kiss, a thrill running down his spine.
        “Ah! Oishi!” Eiji pulled back, looking horrified. “I’m sorry!” he bowed deeply. “I don’t know what came over me.”
        “Eiji,” he whispered wonderingly. “Don’t be sorry!”
        “Hoi?” Eiji looked back up. “Heh heh, I don’t know why- well, I do, but I don’t know why I would…”
        “I’m glad you did, but I’m surprised that you would want to kiss me.”
        “Why?” Eiji had an adorablely puzzled look.  “I think you’re the greatest, Oishi!”
        He started to laugh, hand over his mouth.
        “Hoi? Oishi? What’s wrong, nya?”
        I just didn’t think you’d ever like me that way, Oishi thought to himself.  “You kissed me. I was thinking of kissing you and decided not to because I thought you’d get mad at me.  And then you kiss me.”
        Eiji got a naughty gleam in his eye.  “One of us had to make the first move.”
        “Well, you’re usually the best at that. What about the date?”
        “Ho~iii,” Eiji sighed dramatically, falling to the floor. “It’s not something I can get out of.”
        “You mean it’s real?”
        “Yes. Though, now that I think of it, it would have been a good excuse to get closer to you,” Eiji chuckled. “Remember my cousin is getting married tomorrow? It’s a big Western wedding. I’m a Junior Usher. I have to escort the Junior Bridesmaid, and dance a waltz with her. She’s cute, I guess.  She talks too much, though,” Eiji pouted.
        Oishi sat on the floor with a burst of laughter. After a few moments, he was laughing so hard he could barely breathe.
        “Nya, Oishi, what’s wrong?” Eiji looked concerned.
        “Ah. Sorry, Eiji, it’s just, ha ha! Funny to hear you say someone talks too much!”
        Eiji’s eyes narrowed, mouth quirking to the side. “Oishi. That’s not funny.”
        Oishi smiled happily. “You’re a goof-ball, you know? You’re the best.”
        Eiji beamed, then hugged Oishi.  “And you’re the greatest. Oishi, I think I need to practice.”
        “For the dance?”
        “Nope!” Eiji laughed.  “Kissing!” he stated, punctuating the statement with a kiss.


1,152 words
45 minutes timed


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