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Saturday, March 7th, 2020 01:22 am

I am no longer using LJ. Please do not add me, I will not add you back.
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Sunday, March 7th, 2010 12:36 am
LJ has finally gone too far. I've put up with them in some ways until now, but they've now sunk so low that nothing can redeem them, even fixing the latest fiasco.

LJ is now breaking their own privacy policy.

There's a HIDDEN javascript that redirects every link to one of about 150 e-commerce sites. A lot of the times the links no longer work, and you could end up on ebay, instead of another site they're trying to go to.

And LJ makes money on EVERY CLICK, while messing up your privacy.

In the end they're greedy bastards that will take you for every cent they can eke out of you.

You can opt out of this if you're ok using the admin console. Of course, if you're not logged into LJ, they manage to screw you over anyway.

More info, and even more info. Read this stuff, it's truly important you know what they're doing. Basically, they're stealing.

It's blippin scary what they're doing to their users. I refuse to pay LJ one cent if I can help it.

I'm on Dreamwidth, who are the most awesomest journaling site ever, and still on IJ.
*crossposting to other journal sites
----OpenID accounts may have 6
----Free accounts may have 15
----Paid accounts may have 100
----Premium Paid and Seed Accounts may have 250
*the ability to import your journal in full, including comments, from other blogs
*Google Analytics integration
*"Sticky entry" module: you can specify the URL of a single entry to 'pin' to the top of your journal/community so that it will always be the first entry displayed, without having to backdate or change the date of the entry.
*Full text search of your individual journal for paid accounts.
*Email posting
*They believe in creativity, including adult content (which you do need to protect)
*You can change the privacy of ALL your posts in less than 5 minutes, and it'll fix your crossposted entries as well!!!
*No ads!
*They RESPECT their users!!!!!
So many other things! Check out their WIKI!!!

I have codes if you need one.

This is my last post on LJ.
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 04:58 pm
I know I don't update on livejournal much, but this is a repost of three post on insanejournal about my sickness. It's not perfect, being that I couldn't even use a computer for awhile and don't remember everything, but it's semi-fairly accurate.

Originally posted Dec 9-16th......

I hate being sick. Please take it away. A month now, no end in sight.
I get my cat scan on January 9th. Very ironic seeing as we get MARRIED that day.

So here's the rundown.
Nov 14th - Get a bit dizzy. Go to bed hoping it'll go away.
Nov 15th- Isn't gone. Stay home from work, stay in bed all day, nauseous, can't eat or drink.
Nov 16- Still sick, still nauseous, try eating. Ruka convinces me to go to hospital. Get sick. Yuck. Get to hospital, hours in triage. Dude says I have BPPV. Tries Epely maneuver - badly - says to go home, it'll wear off.
Nov 17 - eat a touch of applesauce, got sick. tried Epely maneuver correctly, get really sick.
Nov 18th - no food or water for 4 days. Go to hospital. Triage 5 hours.Yuck. My paramedics were Jo and Joey. They had to take blood from my hand, and put the IV in the same vein. They poked 5 holes in me. Same Dr as before, thinks it's the same thing. But come back for a Cat Scan if still happening in 48 hours. (which it is, but I don't)
Nov 20th - Tried Epely thing again. Get sick. Doesn't help.
Nov 21st - Start hearing muffly in my left ear, but usually only during the sound of water running.
Nov 24th - Go to a walk in clinic. Wait is about 10 mins. This Dr more concerned than dumb hospital Dr. Gave e a bunch of little tests, looked in eyes, made me touch my nose, resist when she pushed on my shoulders and other such things. Couldn't walk a straight line. Said I walk like a drunk. Looked in my left ear, which if feeling very, very muffly and 'full'. She says it looks fine. Wants me to get a cat scan. Sigh.
Go back to hospital. In triage for 5-6 hours. Dr different, checks my symptoms, does more tests like the other Dr in the clinic. Is VERY sure it's a virus and sends me home. No Cat scan. I get sick again - my dad's driving sucks.
By this date the dizziness isn't so bad. It's there, but I can walk without a lot of nausea. My appetite is coming back in small stages. I sleep on my bed now.
Nov 26th - I am now DEAF in my left ear. Sigh.
Dec 2nd - Go to my family Dr. He is concerned. He puts a struck tuning fork on my head and checks my hearing. Yup, it's gone. He starts proceedings for cat scan and to go to an ENT. I give him my short term disability papers.
Dec 4th - Shopping day!! Yay! Within the other days, we did go out in the car 2ce. Once to vet to get piggies nails cut, and once to Sobey's for groceries. Driving is not fun. But mom comes out to get us and drive us around. We go to bank, and then pet shop as piggies are completely out of food and gerbils almost. Then Musicstop for gift certificate for my dad. Then to the mall park. Canadian tire for more gifts - iron for mom and a measuring tape for dad.The tape is new with digital readout and there was 2 left. Had 23$ Canadian tire cash so the tape was free. Yay. Went Swiss Chalet for dinner for Festive Special, then the new Sobey's. Then to Another Cnd Tire to see if mom could get an aerogarden, but nope. Got a rain check. Went to a used bookstore and then home. yay.
Dec 6th - late night, my left side of face stopped working. Keeps getting better, right?
Dec 8th - made Dr appt. Need one more paper for work and to check about my missing face.
Dec 9th - Got time for cat scan, one month to go. Saw Dr, does some tests, saws did not have a stroke, and he's sure it's a virus, too. Get note. Get (whee) a prescription for prednisone. Stopped in the village, got package at PO (mom is scared to order online, so I did it for her). Go to drug store, get prednisone. Is free. Yay insurance. Go home, take pills. 10 of the little buggers. They taste BAD, but I now feel good. Yay.

When I go to the Dr, I take a bus. The first trip, I missed the bus by 2 minutes, so took the next one, which won't take me home, but gets me off the street. Take another bus from the village. The second time, I had to get off at the village. Takes three busses to go to Dr and back.

The hearing thing is pretty much 10%. Can't hear anything but a high pitched white noise.
The face thing isn't complete. I can close my mouth, but not when I'm chewing or talking. I can't smile, frown, furrow my brow, wink or even completely close the eye. i have eyedrops to keep it from drying out completely, and I cover it at night. I feel sensation equally on both sides of my face, and only slightly slur. Usually when talking too fast or on the letter B or P.

But Christmas shopping is done, which is good. I'm chucking everything into gift bags this year. Yay for $ store gift bags.

Dec 10th! Face still missing. If you see it wandering, write me, huh? I kind of miss it. Still tipsy turrvey. Got up gumption to go to drug store to get cotton patch and tape for my eye. Got home, went to check mail and cursed cause there was a package slip, and I just got BACK from the village. Went BACK to the village, got package, and am glad! Didn't know what it could be cause I already got massive package of chili and got mom's (wah! I don't know how to online order!) package. This was from Mie, and had RH+ DVD present with over 2 hours of extras and Rei and stuff, and lots of goodies. Chocolate is yummy. Thanks so much!!!

About Chili, go to www.ed-foods.com. It's 10$ a bag, plus shipping, but if you buy 6, it's only 54$, plus, if you've never ordered from them, you can get a free sample of one of their soups. There's a link for Canadians, too, and the prices and deals are the same. One bag of chili feeds 6-8. It's veggie, unless you add beef. Yum, yum.

Dec 11 - sleeping with patch isn't easy, but I did it. Got a call for the ENT, which is on the 18th. I do a hearing test first, which is good. I guess. Please let my hearing come back! And where, oh where did my little face go? Oh where, oh where could it be? We also went shopping to the other grocer in our lives. Good ole Loblaws affiliate. Where I can get Campbells Bean and Bacon Soup and pizza was HALF PRICE! Woot!
Went to $ store, got Xmas bags, and went home and 'wrapped' everything in about 10 minutes. Lazy this year. But hey, I got JUST enough bags for me AND Ruka, and everything fit. Gotta love it.
Got another call from HR, they want my other papers, which I get on Tuesday for money, and I'm off the schedule as of the 13th.

Dec 12 - Face is missing. Reward offered. Lots of RAIN and WIND. But not as bad as poor [livejournal.com profile] djehuti, who is in bad affected area. Prednisone is working quite well on the mood and appetite. I ate TOO MANY oranges today, and would happily have another. Watched Shrek 2 and watched Mythbusters use explosives to tenderize a steak. Fun.

I love the whole world, it's such a brilliant place! Boom De Ah Dah Boom De Ah Dah Boom De Ah Dah Boom De Ah Dah!

Dec 13th - to the mall! We went to the mall with our neighbor. She's a scary driver, wobbles the road a lot, doesn't pay good attention, fiddles with the heater, drives close to the curb - but says she's better without distractions in the car (ie us). She's slow in the stores, and can't make up her mind. But she's a sweetheart, and very nice. We wandered the mall, got Fruits Basket 21 (2 to go!) and got fresh made mini doughnuts. Pig blankets (they SO need cleaning.... I last cleaned them the day I got sick, so it's really needed.) Got Chris and Brucie's Xmas present (shopping for Xmas is totally done!)
Anne of Green Gables was on (probably in preparation for the new Anne movie on tonight... which is a world premiere and THREE HOURS LONG.... and Survivor on that night, too....)
'wrapped' the gift, meaning I popped it into a gift bag with easter coloured paper, and said Yay!
Marjorie thinks that I haveBell's Palsy

Dec 14th - Survivor was on a half hour late, boo. Anne of Green Gables was very disappointing. The child they got to play her, while technically not a full red-head, was good, and it's not her fault the script was wrong in so many painful ways.I only finished reading the novels earlier this year, and I read ALL of them, up to Rilla of Ingleside, so I know they shredded it. At least with Survivor, everything went great, and the person we wanted to win, won! Whee! They're going to Brazil next year. I'd like to see New Zealand, or Russia some time! Japan, maybe! Dec 14th, was basically lounge around with Ruka day, and watch TV all night. Though I made hamburger doughnuts and pasta sauce.

Dec 15th - I could swear I can slightly, and occasionally hear something in the left ear other that hissssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ laying in bed, I laid on my right ear, and snapped my fingers next to the left, and dully heard it. Doesn't always work, but a little it better than nothing. It's easier to eat on the left side of my mouth. Brushing teeth is still funny, cause when I swish, it's like a little fountain - the water won't stay in my mouth. Hee. Ruka had a VPN issue, giving 'no host name' error. Got in to the desktop, brought up the client and found there was no host name. Funny that. Her IT dept was less than useless. With one of her management, we uninstalled and reinstalled the client and it started to work. She started an hour late, but gets paid for it.
Watched Shrek the 3rd for the first time.
I actually mean to start moving around again. Tomorrow, if it isn't too crappy, I'm going to go outside and walk a bit. Just down the road to the next side street and back.
Talked to mom for a bit, and she wants to tell people about the wedding. Hopefully, we don't have a rush of people wanting to go. We're just going to the JPs house. I don't think he can handle a ton of people! Mom mentioned that I have a couple aunt's that get the Bell's Palsy thingy. What I saw is that there's a slight amount of family history in it. Yay.

Dec 16th - Today, but all the real necessary things have happened. Went to the Dr again. He thinks I'm getting better. He mentioned Bell's Palsy. He LOST MY STD PAPERS! WAH! I could cry (and did, a little). I had to reprint and take it down. If he hasn't called by the time I have my NEXT appointment, I'm going to print them again and hold him hostage until he fills it in. Managed to go to Sobey's for a tiny amount of groceries. Got more clementines. I've been eating them like crazy.
I got some egg nog, too. Couldn't resist. More brussell sprouts. Love them.
I want to watch Christmas movies soon. Santa Claus 1-3 and White Christmas. The number 3 on my keyboard sticks a bit. Boo.
Want the new AAA videos. It's been a VERY VERY VERY loooooong time since the last one. July, actually, When Music!!! and Zero came out! The single is out in a month.
The new Mirai Seiki Shakespeare is out, and is the first half of Midsummer Night's Dream. Looks like Chiaki, Misako, Shuuta and terrible hair Mitsu.
Still want the concert. Special edition comes with TWO disks! Two concerts! Whee!
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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 11:24 pm
Princess Princess D Character Song Series vol 4

Fujita Rei as Shihoudani Yuujiroh

Raindrops )

Don't Stop Flying )
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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 01:11 am

Go to the second site- the 5000 comment has already passed! In only 4 days!
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Monday, March 21st, 2005 02:24 am
title: Footwork
author:  [livejournal.com profile] rogueleopard
pairing: Eiji/Oishi
rating: PG
warnings: boylove, general fluff
wordcount: 1,152
a/n: First thing I've written in a couple YEARS.
crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] golden_pair

Footwork )